Friday, October 8, 2010

Home Again, Home Again......

Well we have just arrived home again from our holiday south of the border and it's good to be home. Don't get me wrong D and I had a wonderful time in Virginia and this holiday was a little more relaxed than in the past as the weather really didn't cooperate much.  We had rain, fog, wind and cloudy days so we stayed where we were and enjoyed the free time to stitch, read and build model railway buildings. 

I missed my Wednesday night stitch with the girls and look forward to getting back into the routine of the fall.  While in Virginia I was lucky to visit a stitching shop in Fredericksburg called "Everything Stitching" it was a great little place but I didn't have much time to look around.  What I saw will make it  a revisit next time we are in the area.

If there is anyone else out there that appreciates model railroad or trains in general a place to go is Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia and if you can make the trip through the George Washington National Park it will all be worth the trip. 

The one thing that I missed down there this year were the colours they hadn't happened yet and I was told by the people at the resort that they didn't think there would be colours as they had a drought this year and the trees would probably just drop their leaves and not change colour.  What a shame I know I wasn't the only one to miss them.  Driving through the upper part of Pensylvania it looked like Mother Nature had dropped her paint box of colours all over the mountains it was beautiful.

As much as I love taking a holiday it is always good to come home and find out what everyone has been up to and it sounds like my family is doing OK right now and that is a good thing.

To everyone I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving

Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is on the Rise

Today we put the cover on the pool.  It is a balmy 70 degrees  but the pool is a very chilly 62 and so we must close the pool before it gets any colder so it is secure for the winter months ahead.  That's a very chilly thought indeed.  Standing here looking at the pool and it feels like fall is here.  We have one of those new covers that looks very much like grass but it is not the beautiful blue that we look out and see every summer morning.   We have started to put the umbrellas and cushions away and generally tidy up the yard.  It will still be nice to sit out and read or stitch while we can. 

D and |I have just booked our fall vacation.  Great deals when it is last minute like this and so at the end of the week we will head south to Virginia for some R&R.  How does that work when you don't work for a living anymore.  Every day is like a holiday, sorry for those of you out there still gainfully employed. I know it's tough but someone has to do it. 

It's funny the first thing that D and I thought of when we booked our trip was what are we taking with us to work on.  We vacation a little different than most as we are hobbyists to the end.  When we are driving there is no space issues so it can be large or small, it doesn't really matter.  Also on our holidays the first thing we do is find out if there are any, train, stitching, quilting, or beading stores in the area as the U.S. does have more variety and a larger selection so we always find something interesting.  Last year we came home with a glass etching 18x36 of The General (locomotive) seat belted in the back seat so it would arrive in one piece.   We thank the glass artist in Massanutten the piece is quite beautiful and D shows it off to all his train buddies.   It did arrive home in perfect condition.

Last year I didn't find very many stitching places so maybe this year I will have to go a little further afield.  If anyone wishes to comment on any shops please feel free to do so.    Mind you like most I don't need any more stitching right now if I stitched full time I would probably have to live till I'm a 150 to finish all the pieces.  I'm not like the younger ones in the Stitching Sisters they seem to stitch one a month.  Don't get me wrong they stitch beautifully but they also have the eyes for it and no arthritis in the hands.  Oh to be young again.  No strike that.  I don't need to go through that again.

With age comes some benefits like retirement.  Well I guess while the afternoon is young and the sun is shining I will take my stitching and go outside.

Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lazy Day in the Sun

For the last few months I have been trying to decide what kind of notebook computer to get and when I have such questions I usually go to my two sons and start to ask questions.  My first and foremost issue was that it had to be light weight and compact and be able to do what my regular laptop could do.   My husband and I travel a lot and  our present laptop was like taking another piece of luggage.  Since my regular laptop is 5 years old a lot has happened in the technology world and so this wasn`t going to be a problem.  Famous last words. 

First of all both my sons have  a huge knowledge of computers as most young people do.  They differ a great deal in their uses of the computer.  I had this ongoing pros and cons arguement with the two of them for the summer, one thinking a notebook would be wonderful the other thinking it would be great  to just get a smaller regular laptop.  So I would talk to one and would decide yes this is what I want and then I would talk to the other and find out that the notebook wasn`t going to provide the options that I wanted.  This has been going on all summer and I have also asked friends who have a bigger knowledge than I do of computers, that doesn`t take much, I`m grateful to those who gave me their opinions. 

This is definitely the time to buy a small laptop-notebook as school has started once again and the deals are out there.  I  got an e-mail from my son letting me know that there was a particular notemook on sale, great price in my budget, good opportunity, sale ends in 3 days.  The other son basically said no get a smaller regular laptop it would be better and he could probably find one on the net for a similar price.  Decisions, decisions well I just picked up my new notebook and personally I think it is great.  I can fit it in my purse if I want and it is an aqua colour.  I remember the days when asked about what I wanted on a computer I would say a nice shade of grey would be good.  All kidding aside this is a gem.  Big enough for an old dog like me who still doesn`t know much more about computers and it has everything I need or want and if I wish to download a program all I need to do is use an external DVD  player and of course the expertise of one or both of my sons. 

Isn`t technology great.  Good Grief.  Now I will relax and stitch for the rest of the day.  Tonight I`m going to meet with some new knitting friends so it should be a wonderful evening.

Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Confetti Anyone

Hi Everyone Once Again:

I have a background YAY!  My many thanks to my good friend and fellow stitcher who has once again come to my aid and put a background on my blog. After a few tries myself and not succeeding and getting frustrated by the minute it's good to know that I can always count on good friends to bail me out.  I would also like to thank my good friend for framing my butterfly so beautifully last month.  It has been hung in my livingroom as a lasting memory of Barb.

I have taken pictures of my on going trial of the Heron and the Cherry Blossoms. The heron of course is time consuming. For one I am stitching on black,  it is also a ton of confetti stitching and although I can work for what seems like hours I only seem to achieve a small amount.  A couple  of stitches here and

there and once again I have to start another thread I am trying to reach a point where there are more stitches of one colour.  As you can see from this picture I have a lot of black fabric to cover and I hope one day to do that.  Right now as you can  see the work is long from finished but one thread a day and one day the

celebration will begin.  I have entertained different thoughts;  to proceed from working on one area at a time with different threads, to doing as much as I can of one colour. The second way can be  a problem if you get out of count and place a stitch in the wrong spot then it is a real bummer.  I also am trying to figure ways to start and stop threads as where there are several starts the back is beginning to take on its own depth and this may cause a problem when framing.  Anyone have any ideas.

The cherry blossoms is quite enjoyable to work on colour is light there are a few blended threads but that will give it depth when it is finished I didn't give the full length of this one but it is about the same amount to stitch as the heron.  I must try to pick something a little smaller I never seem to quite do that.  I do love a challenge but not usually this much at once.  On the cherry blossoms this is just about the first book, then I can move on to the second of three.  I wonder if I can finish this before retreat next May. 

A couple of fellow stitchers and I went for a road trip on Saturday and ended up at the Thread and Eye in London they have just moved to a new location which is a little bigger with lots of classroom space and just come on over and stitch space.  The second shop was in St. Thomas, Stitch-it Central and she is still working on her location at the present.  She is located in front of her home in the previous house.  This is a very small and inconvenient space which will be torn down in the next few weeks and she will move into her new basement space in their new home with approx. 3000 sq ft. to devote to her store.   I wonder if it will be big enough.  I hope she has lots of big ideas for the space because I am sure that her regulars will be able to suggest lots of inventory that they would love to have. 

To night is our regular stitching meeting and it is good and hot for everyone to come and enjoy a swim before we start to stitch for the evening.  Hope everyone will come and enjoy.

Keep on Stitching one thread at a time


Friday, June 25, 2010

This week I have happily finished a couple of small projects which has put me back into the routine of stitching on a regular basis.  I spent most of the weekend cleaning up my sewing room and finding a few treasures that I had forgotten about.  I haven't as yet found the Christmas ornaments that I had finished and needed to be put together, they are however somewhere in my sewing room. 

You know when you put something in a place so you won't forget well guess what, I have forgotten where that place might be.  I know they will turn up and in the most logical place but till then I will continue to stitch more Christmas ornaments.

Tonight I found out a lovely bit of information.  Peter who loves model railroading with my husband told me that he also cross stitches, what a treat.  He saw all the pieces that I have around the house but most are not mine.  That's OK.  Since he likes trains I showed him the HAED of the General.  He loved it but only wants the part that is silhouetted in the top left corner.  He also doesn't stitch on linen so that may be a learning curve.  I don't know if he is up for that.  Maybe I could even get D interested in cross stitch, but then I'm sure that he would want me into trains and sorry for your luck but I have enough UFO's is don't need a new past time.

Well I guess I had better get my act together as I have to do my one thread today.  Barb had the right idea but sometimes the end seems like it will never come.  Ah well if I don't start I won't finish.  Best to all.

Keep on Stitching one thread a day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Time to say Farewell

I am sure there are a few of you out there that are thinking OK she is finally going to stop blogging.  Well not yet.  I am going to persevere for a while.  You know it's true about retirement, you have all this time and yet it is not enough and life gets in the way.

A couple of weeks back my stitching sisters gathered together for a wonderful stitching retreat weekend.  Everyone, that could, in our group came and we had a few additions from the surrounding area and it was a great weekend of stitching and friendship.  For me it was a two fold weekend.  Previous to the 2nd annual retreat I had been able to attend a similar retreat in Gananoque and for 14 years my sister-in-law and myself would go to this retreat from Friday to Monday.  Each year generally the same group would go and we would be able to reacquaint ourselves with these yearly friendships.  As all things come to an end in 2008 it was the last time that retreat was held and I missed seeing my friends from that group. 

Then a year ago my stitching sisters decided to organize our own retreat that was much closer to where I live and of course I joined in.  This year was our 2nd annual retreat in Grand Bend and it was a tremendous success.   For me though it had some sad moments not because of anyone attending but because of someone who wasn't there.  

For those of you who have known me over these many years of stitching you have also met my sister-in-law Barb.  Thirty-five years ago I met Barb for the first time shortly before I married her younger brother Don.  Barb started out as all do, my sister-in-law, but over the years we became best of friends.  Her husband in the Canadian military moved frequently as do most in the military but their last posting was in Ottawa and this was when Barb and I became best friends.  This was the closest they had ever been to Barb's family as it was only a 5-6 hour drive depending on the weather. 

Barb, her husband and two daughters would trek down to Brantford for special occasions, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Family Reunion and the four would stay with us.  I remember the first time they came, there were four suitcases and four or more various bags of knitting and stitching.  Barb would never know what she wanted to work on so she brought it all.  We used to say the troops had landed when they arrived as the entire front hall would be stacked with bags, suitcases, pillows etc.  You have to realize that generally in the beginning they were coming on Friday night and going on Sunday afternoon so this was a huge amount of luggage for a weekend stay.  They and Don and I and the two boys hit if off from the very beginning.  She loved to stitch and knit also two of my favorite pasttimes.  The four kids got along famously even though there was a huge age difference,  the guys would watch sports and visit and Barb and I would sit a stitch/knit in a marathon.

When they came at Christmas they usually stayed for a week so the marathon was wonderful.  Of course every visit also included a visit to our local craft store, Mary Maxim known for knitting but has supplies and pattern/kits for cross stitch.   Christmas morning we would be up early, open gifts and have breakfast, get the turkey in the oven, get the vegetables on and set the table.   Then we would sit stitching for the entire afternoon until family arrived.   It was great.   We would laugh and solve all the world problems of course and look at all the wonderful projects that we both had on the go.  UFO's and projects that we hoped to get to at some time in our lifetime. 

Barb usually only did small to medium projects whereas I always pick the large challenging ones.   Barb had one philosophy, to stitch one thread a day.  Any project large or small if you don't start you can't finish.   At the beginning of April Barb went into the hospital two weeks later she was diagnosed and on May 10 she sadly passed on.   At our retreat she would have been my roomie and so the sadness.  She was missed.

As I sit and stitch at home I realize that my stitching marathons with Barb will never happen again.  The world's problems will go unsolved and I have lost one of my best friends.   I remember her philosophy of one thread a day and will try to carry on her resolve but the loss is still there.   I know with time the sadness and emptiness will lessen but the loss will still be there.   So today I will say farewell and as I stitch I will keep fond memories of all the time we spent stitching our marathon sessions. 

Keep on Stitching one thread a day.
Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Best Friends

Hi Friends:

I bet you all thought that I had quit.  Well not yet and we will see how it goes. 

Last night I went to my stitching meeting after being away for 6 weeks.  It  is so nice to come back and step in like you have never left.  The girl I was going with asked if I was up to it and it was just what I needed.  We laughed, stitched and told stories.  I so enjoy myself when I go out to these meetings.  You never know what you are going to learn or what you are going to laugh at.  The girls are all wonderful and it was just what I needed. 

D and I were on holidays for 3 weeks and went on a wonderful cruise starting in Miami, Cartagena, through the Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Guatemale, Cabo San Lucas, L.A. then getting on a bus and driving up the coastal highway to San Francisco.  What a time.  It was great seeing these places for the first time and I highly recommend any one of the destinations.   The neat thing was that they had a stitching and knitting group every morning that we were at sea.  It's great to meet people with the same interest and yet have so many different backgrounds.  It was fun and I am definitely going to take stitching in the future. 

Unfortunately once we returned there was bad news D's sister had but a couple of weeks to live and so we went back out west and had the last few days with family and friends.  She was diagnosed treatment tried and she passed in a short 6 weeks.   My sister-in-law was a beautiful person and we hit it off from the very beginning she loved to craft.  Anything, stitching, knitting, rubber stamping we both enjoyed so much time together when they visited from Ottawa.  Christmas was wonderful we would get dinner in the oven and everything prepared and then we would sit and stitch for 3-4 hours until everyone arrived.  I will miss her and our stitching marathons. 

I started a butterfly on the way to see her and finished it the day before she died.  I will frame it and keep it in memory of her.  Barb had a wonderful routine that she would stitch 2 threads on all projects started every day.  So I am going to try and carry on that philosophy.  It will be a tall order but I will give it the college try.

The girls in my stitching group are all getting very excited as next week we are going to a stitching weekend.  There will 20 or so ladies and we will stitch from Friday night until Sunday or for some Monday.  It will be great fun and I am sure that there were be no calories involved. 

In a time when I have been very sad it is wonderful to have such terrific friends that I can talk to and stitch with.  Happy stitching to my stitching sisters.

Keep on Stitching

Monday, March 29, 2010

It looks like the sun is trying to come out today.  I so look forward to the warmth and sun of the spring and now that March is coming to an end I know that it will just be a matter of a couple of weeks and the snow will be behind us.  I also know that we always get a storm in April so I won't be surprised it that happens but with any luck I will be away.

This last weekend D went to a train layout tour so I decided that I would have a tour of my own and check out some of my favorite places to visit.  In addition to stitching I also do a variety of other projects and enjoy seeing what is new for them as well. 

Beading has become a recent past time and some of the ladies that I have met are extraordinary in their talent and enthusiam.  Not unlike the many stitchers that I know.  They get you all excited to start yet another project.  As you can imagine I don't need any more ufo's whether stitching or beading.  But I will think about taking a class as it is always interesting to meet new people with a talent for creative work.  The unfortunate part is that they fall on my favorite night of the week Wed. stitching. 

As I look around the shop I realize how much of beading is like stitching.  The designs displayed in the store and entice you to want to work a new project and the beads displayed like DMC threads with colours, sizes, and textures.  Pattern books all over the place just calling you to have a look.  OH to have just one more.   I have taught others to stitch and their first impression is that it is too hard too complicated  or too big.  I have the same feelings each time I pick a beading design.  I always pick the most complicated looking one, (the challenge effect) as I have said to many stitchers just break it down into simple steps and WOW it works. 

My other past time is card making.  The shop I  frequent does free show and tell workshops every Sat.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  It is just a drop in so I had a seat and watched.  It doesn't matter when you come into the workshop you always manage to pick up a new technique or a new product that you just want to go and try.  Also very much like stitching.   I guess what I am saying is that I love to try something new or different for the challenge for the discovery of creative thinking or just for the pure fun of it.

So you see I have an endless list of projects to do and some day I may even see the end of that list but maybe now.   I have thought of putting them all out to see what I have but I don't wish to scare myself so I will pick one as the desire comes.  I hope you enjoy my encounter of a different sort and will comment as you like.

Keep on Stitching

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A time to regroup!

Something about retirement that you never really think about is time.  You know that when you finally come to the day that you no longer have to work that you will be free to do whatever your little heart desires but you don't think about the time.  The days for D and I just seem to pass by we are busy and enjoying every minute but when someone says lets do something on Wed. you really have to stop and think, OK, what day is it today. 

D and I have worked schedules, like everyone else, for so long that now, what's a schedule.  Then of course you lose yourself as to what day, what week or what month you happen to be in.   We hope that we don't forget an appointed date for whatever purpose but we both sit back and watch the day go by with very little physical effort.  If we want to go out, there is no time constraint, we just go.  We have no small children to be home for at the end of a school day and no pets that need our attention over the course of the day.   It feels like floating through time.  Being able to enjoy each moment that we have with each other.  D and I have been blessed with a wonderful marriage. 

However wonderful this new experience is the downfall is that you start to fall back into old habits and issues that were once kept at bay with a busy life.  The biggest (no pun intended) is weight.   We both seem to be putting it on aah but you ask maybe we are going out too much and eating.  That was true in the beginning but now it is more the lack of physicial activity.  So now we must put ourselves back onto some sort of regular schedule in order to make sure that this first few pounds that have come on don't continue to add up. 
As much as my passion is stitching and D's is model railroad we must put ourselves into a routine as this rather sedentary lifestyle is gaining momentum. 

So today I will still enjoy my stitching time which is unlimited but I will also start a daily exercise program so that I will keep myself in better condition than a couch potato. 

My stitching is progressing however my challenge is stitching on black fabric.  I absolutely love the heron in the picture and I know that the piece will be exquisite when completed but I will probably be blind as well.  This piece I work on with extremely good lighting or not at all.   The cherry blossoms are my restfull piece as I can do this while watching TV or in lower lighting.  My best advice to anyone working on black get yourself a super light to sit under and be patient.

I hope anyone reading will comment  and let me know how you feel.
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well hi everyone, I know it has been a while but here I am again.  You know that old saying "you know you're old when"  well yesterday hubbie D and I decided that we were going to an appointment and then go to the TO Home Show.  We have attended this event several times and now we figure there is no rush so it would be fun.  Our appointment was half way there so off we went. 
As we approached the parking lot I was a little taken back by the lack of vehicles in the lot and thought that the show wasn't very well attended this year.  We parked went into the building and you guessed it we found out that we were 3 days early for the opening.  We both had a good laugh what else can you do.  We left and went out to dinner so the afternoon wasn't a total loss.  This is also my stitching sister evening so I was back in plenty of time to take part in a short fix of stitching.  Due to my earlier appointment I wasn't able to stitch tonight but later tomorrow will be good.
I guess now I can start to show a bit of my work so that you know what I am like.  A number of years ago 10 plus my son asked if I would do a dragon and he liked the TW Castle with the dragon.  I was a relatively new stitcher and had no idea what I was getting myself into.  The pattern called for aida cloth and so I started, my son was in Gr 8.  I said I would have it done for graduation.  HaHa.  After working with it for some years I hated it with a passion.  I had also started working on linen with many of my other projects that were in the works.  When I visited my local stitching shop I ask the owner, who knew me quite well, what I should about this TW Castle.  She simply asked if I was going to frame it, which I was, then she asked if I would be happy with it, my answer a flat no.  Her reply, start again on linen.  Just like that.  So after many years of frustration I have finished the dragon on linen and given it to my son for his last birthday in 2009.  It is beautiful and he enjoyed finally receiving it.  By the way he is in his second year of college.  Over the years it has been quite the joke as to when it may be completed and I just said when you graduate. 

With my stitching sisters I have now started some new pieces all are large but I hope they won't take me as long to do as the dragon.   The first of these projects is the cherry blossoms.  This piece is made up of 3 individual patterns that are put together to create this lovely piece.  Finished it measures about 18 X 28 inches and is done on aida.  I hope and pray that there are no 1/4 stitches or this too will end up being restarted on linen. 
As you can see I never turn away from a good challenge.  If nothing else TW taught me a good lesson on patience.  This piece however has very few blended threads so that makes this seem a lot easier. 
The second piece I have decided on is also large but with a little more of TW in mind as just about every colour is blended but a good challenge.  Some days it just doesn't make sense to get up.   As you can see this piece is on black even weave and there are some days that I wish I had never seen this particular pattern but who can resist the temptation of a beautiful work of art.
All the designers have wonderful pieces don't get me wrong I won't do them if I didn't like them but OMG do they have to use soooooo many blended threads.   The Heron will be wonderful finished but I may be blind by the time it gets done. 

I do some smaller pieces as well when I can fit them in plus I can't help myself from learning new things so there is never a time when I could possibly get bored.   I have told my hubbie and my stitching sisters that I will have to live till I'm 110 just to complete some of the pieces that I have stashed over the years.   Well that's me in a nutshell.  I guess it is time to get busy hope to hear from you.

Keep on Stitching

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here it is the first day of the rest of my life or as many would say retirement.  Yes Friday was my last day of work and what a feeling.  There is that feeling of freedom that we all look forward to but there is also that overwhelming feeling of what am I going to do next.  

It's not that you want to go back to work it's the feeling that now after all these years you can do anything, anytime, anywhere and you can do absolutely nothing and that is OK as well.  I don't think I have ever felt like this and maybe I  never will again but, for today, D (loving know as my husband) and I are going to relax and as my husband loving puts it we are going to practice retirement.  D will be retiring next Thursday and so the two of us will be happy with time on our hands.

My collection of UFO's goes back several years and of course I have my new ones to start so the subject of what to do is overwhelming but it will never be boring.  Like many of my stitching sisters I have multiple projects on the go and sooooo many that I want to do, of course this is creating an endless time period and as I have told D I will have to live till I am at least 120 just to complete what I have now. 

Last year I finally completed a piece that I have worked on for many years and is the source of many jokes both with my family and my stitching sisters.  I completed TW Castle something my son requested in Gr 8.  He is now in 2nd year of college.  After a while it was a project to be finished when he completed High School, then on his next major birthday, and so on and so on.  Last year I finally finshed it and as soon as I can figure out how to put the picture on I will update you all. 

Today I started knitting a sweater that I purchased wool for last fall and reacquianting myself with the tricks of the trade.  It has been a while since I have knitted but it is easier to do when travelling in a car or just picking it up at a short stop.   The stitching pieces that I am doing are the "heron in the snow" and a group of three that join to make one picture those I will also post pictures of when I figure it out.   These are much too large to work on unless it is set up for stitching with lighting and space to stretch out so I will keep these for home and stitching night with the girls.

I have had wonderful help from a fellow stitcher with this blog but I am afraid that I will have to ask again for help and maybe just do a couple of things this time so that it will sink in.   Now that I don't have to worry about work I can refocus and hopefully something will actually stay.

Thanks for checking in and saying hello.   

Keep on Stitching

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today is the first day of my blog to a new and hopefully fun experience. You know how you get that feeling in the back of your neck that something isn't just right. Well that is about how I feel right now as I embark on this modern day diary. I was at my sister's today and was telling her that today is the day that I am going to figure out how to blog. At which point said ask "what the he-- is that". Have you ever tried to explain something totally foreign to somebody. The easiest way to explain was to say it was a diary that you put online. Of course you have to omit of the juicey parts, don't wish to offend anyone. But actually that is exactly what it is. G my sister thought it would be fun that when she retires to get a laptop and blog with me. This is a person have has difficulty figuring out an e-mail. She also wants to cross stitch and I think that is beyond her talents not that she isn't talented, but to each their own. As of today I have 4 shifts to do and then Yahoo I am retired. Both my husband and I will partake in the life style of the aging babyboomers. After some 42 yrs of working I am glad to say that enough is enough. Now we can both enjoy our hobbies to the limit. My husband model railroading and mine anything with a needle. I guess for the next few weeks I will continue to learn about blogging and will at some point post the progress of my 2 new large pieces. I don't stitch quite as fast as others within our stitching group but I keep at it until it is done. So the game is afoot and I will try not to get carried away with too much blogging and not enough stitching. By the way to my stitching sisters and my new blogging friends who set me up on this past time thank you and happy stitching. Pennie

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year to all my Stitchy Friends

Happy New Year to everyone. This is a new thing for me.