Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Confetti Anyone

Hi Everyone Once Again:

I have a background YAY!  My many thanks to my good friend and fellow stitcher who has once again come to my aid and put a background on my blog. After a few tries myself and not succeeding and getting frustrated by the minute it's good to know that I can always count on good friends to bail me out.  I would also like to thank my good friend for framing my butterfly so beautifully last month.  It has been hung in my livingroom as a lasting memory of Barb.

I have taken pictures of my on going trial of the Heron and the Cherry Blossoms. The heron of course is time consuming. For one I am stitching on black,  it is also a ton of confetti stitching and although I can work for what seems like hours I only seem to achieve a small amount.  A couple  of stitches here and

there and once again I have to start another thread I am trying to reach a point where there are more stitches of one colour.  As you can see from this picture I have a lot of black fabric to cover and I hope one day to do that.  Right now as you can  see the work is long from finished but one thread a day and one day the

celebration will begin.  I have entertained different thoughts;  to proceed from working on one area at a time with different threads, to doing as much as I can of one colour. The second way can be  a problem if you get out of count and place a stitch in the wrong spot then it is a real bummer.  I also am trying to figure ways to start and stop threads as where there are several starts the back is beginning to take on its own depth and this may cause a problem when framing.  Anyone have any ideas.

The cherry blossoms is quite enjoyable to work on colour is light there are a few blended threads but that will give it depth when it is finished I didn't give the full length of this one but it is about the same amount to stitch as the heron.  I must try to pick something a little smaller I never seem to quite do that.  I do love a challenge but not usually this much at once.  On the cherry blossoms this is just about the first book, then I can move on to the second of three.  I wonder if I can finish this before retreat next May. 

A couple of fellow stitchers and I went for a road trip on Saturday and ended up at the Thread and Eye in London they have just moved to a new location which is a little bigger with lots of classroom space and just come on over and stitch space.  The second shop was in St. Thomas, Stitch-it Central and she is still working on her location at the present.  She is located in front of her home in the previous house.  This is a very small and inconvenient space which will be torn down in the next few weeks and she will move into her new basement space in their new home with approx. 3000 sq ft. to devote to her store.   I wonder if it will be big enough.  I hope she has lots of big ideas for the space because I am sure that her regulars will be able to suggest lots of inventory that they would love to have. 

To night is our regular stitching meeting and it is good and hot for everyone to come and enjoy a swim before we start to stitch for the evening.  Hope everyone will come and enjoy.

Keep on Stitching one thread at a time