Monday, March 29, 2010

It looks like the sun is trying to come out today.  I so look forward to the warmth and sun of the spring and now that March is coming to an end I know that it will just be a matter of a couple of weeks and the snow will be behind us.  I also know that we always get a storm in April so I won't be surprised it that happens but with any luck I will be away.

This last weekend D went to a train layout tour so I decided that I would have a tour of my own and check out some of my favorite places to visit.  In addition to stitching I also do a variety of other projects and enjoy seeing what is new for them as well. 

Beading has become a recent past time and some of the ladies that I have met are extraordinary in their talent and enthusiam.  Not unlike the many stitchers that I know.  They get you all excited to start yet another project.  As you can imagine I don't need any more ufo's whether stitching or beading.  But I will think about taking a class as it is always interesting to meet new people with a talent for creative work.  The unfortunate part is that they fall on my favorite night of the week Wed. stitching. 

As I look around the shop I realize how much of beading is like stitching.  The designs displayed in the store and entice you to want to work a new project and the beads displayed like DMC threads with colours, sizes, and textures.  Pattern books all over the place just calling you to have a look.  OH to have just one more.   I have taught others to stitch and their first impression is that it is too hard too complicated  or too big.  I have the same feelings each time I pick a beading design.  I always pick the most complicated looking one, (the challenge effect) as I have said to many stitchers just break it down into simple steps and WOW it works. 

My other past time is card making.  The shop I  frequent does free show and tell workshops every Sat.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  It is just a drop in so I had a seat and watched.  It doesn't matter when you come into the workshop you always manage to pick up a new technique or a new product that you just want to go and try.  Also very much like stitching.   I guess what I am saying is that I love to try something new or different for the challenge for the discovery of creative thinking or just for the pure fun of it.

So you see I have an endless list of projects to do and some day I may even see the end of that list but maybe now.   I have thought of putting them all out to see what I have but I don't wish to scare myself so I will pick one as the desire comes.  I hope you enjoy my encounter of a different sort and will comment as you like.

Keep on Stitching

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A time to regroup!

Something about retirement that you never really think about is time.  You know that when you finally come to the day that you no longer have to work that you will be free to do whatever your little heart desires but you don't think about the time.  The days for D and I just seem to pass by we are busy and enjoying every minute but when someone says lets do something on Wed. you really have to stop and think, OK, what day is it today. 

D and I have worked schedules, like everyone else, for so long that now, what's a schedule.  Then of course you lose yourself as to what day, what week or what month you happen to be in.   We hope that we don't forget an appointed date for whatever purpose but we both sit back and watch the day go by with very little physical effort.  If we want to go out, there is no time constraint, we just go.  We have no small children to be home for at the end of a school day and no pets that need our attention over the course of the day.   It feels like floating through time.  Being able to enjoy each moment that we have with each other.  D and I have been blessed with a wonderful marriage. 

However wonderful this new experience is the downfall is that you start to fall back into old habits and issues that were once kept at bay with a busy life.  The biggest (no pun intended) is weight.   We both seem to be putting it on aah but you ask maybe we are going out too much and eating.  That was true in the beginning but now it is more the lack of physicial activity.  So now we must put ourselves back onto some sort of regular schedule in order to make sure that this first few pounds that have come on don't continue to add up. 
As much as my passion is stitching and D's is model railroad we must put ourselves into a routine as this rather sedentary lifestyle is gaining momentum. 

So today I will still enjoy my stitching time which is unlimited but I will also start a daily exercise program so that I will keep myself in better condition than a couch potato. 

My stitching is progressing however my challenge is stitching on black fabric.  I absolutely love the heron in the picture and I know that the piece will be exquisite when completed but I will probably be blind as well.  This piece I work on with extremely good lighting or not at all.   The cherry blossoms are my restfull piece as I can do this while watching TV or in lower lighting.  My best advice to anyone working on black get yourself a super light to sit under and be patient.

I hope anyone reading will comment  and let me know how you feel.
Keep on Stitching