Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Happy Happy

A big Hi y'all to my stitching sisters back home.  I sure have missed the gatherings and haven't found anything to replace it down here.  I'm really behind in my threads basically because we haven't sat long enough to do anything. 

It has been a fun couple of weeks we first started on our own and I think we were ahead of any bad weather.  There was absolutely no snow in the mountains as we went through but then I guess the storm hit and you all got dumped on.  From the information that we got it virtually melted the next day and since you have had temperatures in the double digits.  Maybe we didn't need to go on this trip after all. 

I have also tried to teach my friend who joined us for our trip how to knit but she doesn't really have an interest and she doesn't sit still for longer than ten mintues so it's hard to get any real teaching in.  She doesn't do any crafts so it is starting from scratch.  So far it hasn't been too successful.

Of course my own projects have suffered this last couple of weeks because we have been on the go so much.  Tomorrow we start the next leg of our holiday on a cruise ship so  I just wanted to let my friends know that I haven't forgotten you. In fact I  truly wish you could be here with me.  I know that you would all enjoy the sunshine and hot temperatures.  The temperatures haven't gotten humid so it is wonderful to sit outside and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Dinner is on the table so I should sign off, happy stitchiing everyone and see you in a few weeks.
Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie

Thursday, January 5, 2012

D....m It's Cold

Since mother nature has caught up to the weather I guess I better get my a-- in gear and start the New Year in good standing.  As our merry band of stitchers gathered for the first time in 2012 we were a little short on numbers but not the joyful noise that came out of the evening.  It was fun to talk about past memories and attices from what seems like yesterday. 

Does anyone out there remember as a child having your mother tell you to enjoy time as once you get older ( you notice I didn't say old) time gets faster.  Well I guess I'm finally saying the same thing to my sons and I think back to my mother and then I wonder what happened to 2011.  I do not wish that to happen again this year so I have set a few goals for the year and have written them down this time just so I don't have to remember, that's something else that seems to go as my mother used to say.  Do we all turn into out mothers as we age.  OMG

I have to say that I am not strictly a cross stitcher but enjoy many other hobbies as well.  Those that know me, I hope look forward to hand made cards.  Family have had the opportunity to enjoy my knitting on occasion and my sons are trying to bring my husband and I into the 21st century via ereader and phones.  I don't know if they know what they are in for. My blogging hasn't been a huge success.  I am still hoping that my very talented friend will make some changes to the look of my blog as I still don't seem to get it.  Otherwise I will go for another lesson or have her here.    As they say if you don't use it you lose it.  In any event I have lots to keep me busy in the coming year and hope to accomplish all my goals as the year progresses. 

For now I will pull a few threads in my stitching every day, knit an inch or two, keep up with cards for birthdays/anniversaries and try to get some reading in there as well.  At the moment we are looking forward to a six week holiday down south with a 2  1 week cruises while we are there.  I am blessed.

We will both pack up some hobbies to take but since we will be with another couple it will be limited.  She doesn't do hobbies at all.   However she did mention that she would like to learn to knit, there is hope.

 Happy stitching everyone
Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie