Thursday, May 20, 2010

Best Friends

Hi Friends:

I bet you all thought that I had quit.  Well not yet and we will see how it goes. 

Last night I went to my stitching meeting after being away for 6 weeks.  It  is so nice to come back and step in like you have never left.  The girl I was going with asked if I was up to it and it was just what I needed.  We laughed, stitched and told stories.  I so enjoy myself when I go out to these meetings.  You never know what you are going to learn or what you are going to laugh at.  The girls are all wonderful and it was just what I needed. 

D and I were on holidays for 3 weeks and went on a wonderful cruise starting in Miami, Cartagena, through the Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Guatemale, Cabo San Lucas, L.A. then getting on a bus and driving up the coastal highway to San Francisco.  What a time.  It was great seeing these places for the first time and I highly recommend any one of the destinations.   The neat thing was that they had a stitching and knitting group every morning that we were at sea.  It's great to meet people with the same interest and yet have so many different backgrounds.  It was fun and I am definitely going to take stitching in the future. 

Unfortunately once we returned there was bad news D's sister had but a couple of weeks to live and so we went back out west and had the last few days with family and friends.  She was diagnosed treatment tried and she passed in a short 6 weeks.   My sister-in-law was a beautiful person and we hit it off from the very beginning she loved to craft.  Anything, stitching, knitting, rubber stamping we both enjoyed so much time together when they visited from Ottawa.  Christmas was wonderful we would get dinner in the oven and everything prepared and then we would sit and stitch for 3-4 hours until everyone arrived.  I will miss her and our stitching marathons. 

I started a butterfly on the way to see her and finished it the day before she died.  I will frame it and keep it in memory of her.  Barb had a wonderful routine that she would stitch 2 threads on all projects started every day.  So I am going to try and carry on that philosophy.  It will be a tall order but I will give it the college try.

The girls in my stitching group are all getting very excited as next week we are going to a stitching weekend.  There will 20 or so ladies and we will stitch from Friday night until Sunday or for some Monday.  It will be great fun and I am sure that there were be no calories involved. 

In a time when I have been very sad it is wonderful to have such terrific friends that I can talk to and stitch with.  Happy stitching to my stitching sisters.

Keep on Stitching