Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well hi everyone, I know it has been a while but here I am again.  You know that old saying "you know you're old when"  well yesterday hubbie D and I decided that we were going to an appointment and then go to the TO Home Show.  We have attended this event several times and now we figure there is no rush so it would be fun.  Our appointment was half way there so off we went. 
As we approached the parking lot I was a little taken back by the lack of vehicles in the lot and thought that the show wasn't very well attended this year.  We parked went into the building and you guessed it we found out that we were 3 days early for the opening.  We both had a good laugh what else can you do.  We left and went out to dinner so the afternoon wasn't a total loss.  This is also my stitching sister evening so I was back in plenty of time to take part in a short fix of stitching.  Due to my earlier appointment I wasn't able to stitch tonight but later tomorrow will be good.
I guess now I can start to show a bit of my work so that you know what I am like.  A number of years ago 10 plus my son asked if I would do a dragon and he liked the TW Castle with the dragon.  I was a relatively new stitcher and had no idea what I was getting myself into.  The pattern called for aida cloth and so I started, my son was in Gr 8.  I said I would have it done for graduation.  HaHa.  After working with it for some years I hated it with a passion.  I had also started working on linen with many of my other projects that were in the works.  When I visited my local stitching shop I ask the owner, who knew me quite well, what I should about this TW Castle.  She simply asked if I was going to frame it, which I was, then she asked if I would be happy with it, my answer a flat no.  Her reply, start again on linen.  Just like that.  So after many years of frustration I have finished the dragon on linen and given it to my son for his last birthday in 2009.  It is beautiful and he enjoyed finally receiving it.  By the way he is in his second year of college.  Over the years it has been quite the joke as to when it may be completed and I just said when you graduate. 

With my stitching sisters I have now started some new pieces all are large but I hope they won't take me as long to do as the dragon.   The first of these projects is the cherry blossoms.  This piece is made up of 3 individual patterns that are put together to create this lovely piece.  Finished it measures about 18 X 28 inches and is done on aida.  I hope and pray that there are no 1/4 stitches or this too will end up being restarted on linen. 
As you can see I never turn away from a good challenge.  If nothing else TW taught me a good lesson on patience.  This piece however has very few blended threads so that makes this seem a lot easier. 
The second piece I have decided on is also large but with a little more of TW in mind as just about every colour is blended but a good challenge.  Some days it just doesn't make sense to get up.   As you can see this piece is on black even weave and there are some days that I wish I had never seen this particular pattern but who can resist the temptation of a beautiful work of art.
All the designers have wonderful pieces don't get me wrong I won't do them if I didn't like them but OMG do they have to use soooooo many blended threads.   The Heron will be wonderful finished but I may be blind by the time it gets done. 

I do some smaller pieces as well when I can fit them in plus I can't help myself from learning new things so there is never a time when I could possibly get bored.   I have told my hubbie and my stitching sisters that I will have to live till I'm 110 just to complete some of the pieces that I have stashed over the years.   Well that's me in a nutshell.  I guess it is time to get busy hope to hear from you.

Keep on Stitching