Friday, June 29, 2012

Holy Sh**t What happened to this Site

My goodness has it been that long since I last posted.  Shame on me.  You know I wasn't planning on bloging everyday but not being in this for a while I may just have to go back to the beginning and learn all over again.  Lots of changes. 

As my fellow stitchers are OOTDS I am enjoying the airconditioning today as this morning I had to have an EMG.  For those of you who have never been so blessed, just let me explain, that having wires attached to your arm and electric current run through them well I'm still tingling and not in a good way. 

My cherry blossoms is coming along wonderfully and when I get off I will take a picture to show my progress.  Maybe it will get me to blog a little sooner next time.  I'm learning a very valuable lesson on this piece that when you are doing a large piece make sure that you get all the threads you need because when it comes to replacing a DMC skein it may not be the same colour.  I have just about finished the second section of this long piece hopefully will be able to finish the last section without running out of anymore threads.

Here's a question, does anyone have a good way of storing threads so that you know whether it is an original DMC colour or something that you have purchased in the last say 5 years?  Maybe I should just learn to finish a project before I move on to another or make sure I buy extra threads. 

The weather is set to be hot, humid and dry this weekend for the most part so for those of you that are heading up north to camp, go to a trailer or a cottage enjoy and have a safe and happy Canada Day.  For the rest of us well there are lots of things going on around the City or maybe it's just a good time to spend with family and friends.

Happy Canada Day everyone!
Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie