Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Day is it????

OK, so I am in the middle of my exercise, and the phone rings, with someone asking where am I?  Knowing the person on the other end of the phone I give my greetings as I walk to the calendar, posted, I might add, on the front of the fridge to say yes I have you down for the 29th at 10 next week as I am saying this I am realizing that it is the 29th and I have missed my appointment.  Don't you hate it when your day starts this way. 
I figure I am retired why do I need to really keep track of the days of the week.  We both had a good laugh and I rebooked my appointment for tomorrow.  I'm showing my age but remembering when I used to keep my schedule, my childrens schedule and my husband's schedule all in my head floating around knowing at any given time what we are doing on any day of the week.  OMG I hate getting older.  I figure one of these days I will forget where all my stitching is, except that I can usually find something in every room of the house. 

I guess it is the time of year again and I have decided I need to loose some weight before shorts season starts, reason for exercise, so D and I have started to follow WW program together and we are doing very well.  This is the first time that he has decided to do it with me and he is now seeing how it isn't as easy as  you think.  Just because you aren't suppose to eat something it doesn't mean you don't want to.   My biggest escape is to go and stitch or sew or something to stay out  of  the kitchen and one of the escapes is to spring clean my sewing/stitching/craft space which is in the basement.  You know that old saying out of sight out of mind well that's the kitchen to me. 

Pulled out a few oldies but goodies.  Do you remember 10, 15, even 20 years ago when you were stitching and how things have changed.  Even patterns are different and of course taste.  Some of the things that I purchased way back when and never got to boy are they ever funny.  I have been wondering why I even bought some of them but I guess at the time they interested me.  Maybe I will get to them one day.  Besides I don't need any more.

One of the patterns that I pulled out was a Jubilee Sampler designed by Charland 1991 when she closed her stitching shop in Toronto and decided to just design.  Over the years I have seen her at the Needle Show in Toronto but I had forgotten that I had the piece so just for a change of pace I have pulled it out and put it on a scroll frame.  I don't use scroll frames very often either but with my shoulders being so sore maybe this will help them from getting any worse. 

There were so many patterns that I would love to start each and every one but I now have 4 large pieces on the go  so I had better finish something before I tackle any more.  I just love to start but have a hard time finishing.   As my sister-in-law Barb used to say just do one thread a day and you will eventually finish the project.  I'm sure she is right and probably looking down at me saying just do it.  On that note I will say my good byes for now happy stitching.
Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie