Monday, April 11, 2011

Hold Onto Your Hat

Is everyone still standing?  That was quite the wind today and if you did venture out I hope you tied things down or they would probably be in the next County by now.  I hope anyone who had garbage day still have their cans.  I thought that it was Mar. winds and Apr. showers. 

We had such a wonderful weekend its time to take out the lawn chairs and enjoy the sunshine and some stitching outside.   The birds and I have decided to start our annual contest to see who will win in the location of nests.  Every year the robins and doves decide to make a nest right over the doorway coming out of the garage and right in the middle of our deck so stitching can be a bit of a problem.  They make a horendous mess and every year I have managed after several turns with the broom to knock their nest down before they start laying eggs.  A couple of years ago we bought an owl and put it up on the roof next to the doorway that worked pretty well and  this past winter it blew off the roof and broke into a million pieces.   So they are at it again and I am out there with my broom trying to get rid of them.  Don't get me wrong I love birds and have feeders out so that we can have different kinds of birds but I don't wish to have them above me when I am stitching or just relaxing on the deck so they must come down.  I guess I will have to look for another owl.

Stitching is moving along and I keep finding pieces that I want to start.  The cherry blossoms is looking really good with the birds added to it and now I am working the second part which will add in more leaves but a different kind and butterflies.  I finished another Christmas ornament  no picture so onto the next.   I should have done this ornament on a darker fabric as the art deco angel would have shown up better.  I will know if I do this again.  Myself and two other friends went to the needleart market place last weekend in Port Credit and it was interesting to meet some of my favorite designers as well.   Met a stitcher that has invited us to their Thursday afternoon group and I think that a fellow stitcher and myself just might try that this week.  
The other piece that I found was an anniversary sampler called Jubilee by Charland.  She developed this when she closeing her store with silk threads.  They are hard to work with as they catch on anything and everything.  It will be beautiful when it is done.

On the weight game or loss I'm down this week and so a celebration is in order just not too much.  One of the things that is suggested is that we treat ourselves during the week so we don't feel left out, I would pick out a stitching project but I have enough on the go right now.  One stragedy is to stitch when I want to eat keeping my hands busy and out of food.  I'll give this a try this week.  You would think with all the things that I have to do I wouldn't have time to eat but who said anything about starving myself in the name of stitching.

Well the wind has died down and the evening is coming to an end so I to must move onto the next  item up for the evening. I will say my good byes and thank you for joining me for a short time.

Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie