Friday, October 21, 2011

Sign of Fall

Each year at this time we are pleased to enjoy the Creative Festival in Toronto, Ont. and for those of you that were there today you can tell when the economy changes.  As I wandered through all the booths and fabrics and threads I only counted 3 cross stitch booths with minimal supplies, the rest of the show was mostly quilting and knitting.   Don't get me wrong both are wonderful hobbies and knitting is something that I do in the evening when the light is dim and the winds blow on the back window wall, it just adds that warmth that you need.  Quilting has never been my favorite hobby but I will keep trying but not until my stash starts to decline.

Over the past few days the winds have whirled around and the heavy rain has pulled if not all, most of the leaves from the trees.   The fall is fast becoming cold and dark and showing its signs of winter I guess we will have to accept this and bring our stitching in a little closer. 

I'm hoping that my techy friend will adjust my blog page a little once she reads mine she is alwayss welcome to change what he wants.   I think it will be time for another lesson. 

Happy Stitching everyone.

Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie