Friday, February 11, 2011

A month has passed and then some since my last posting and I have decided that once a month is a great length of time to post.  Once you retire your life seems to eventually settle into a routine and since it has now been one year since D and I have retired I can say that for the most part that is exactly what has happened.

January was mostly routine until one day when I asked D if we were going to venture south for a few weeks to re-energize in the sun, I asked and 6 days later we were off to the sunshine state.   Just one thing about going south  I guess I figure that once south and in the sunshine state of Florida that it will be indeed hot and sunny.  This year however, although I can gratefully say we didn't have to shovel anything, the wonderful state of Florida sadly was not hot or sunny.    I should have known from my parents vacationing all winter in past years  that January/February are not always the warmest times in Florida but I can hope.

D and I packed up our hobbies and left for a two week vacation from retirement.  Once we arrived we settled in to rainy cloudy weather but a great time for relaxing and doing what we enjoy hobbies.  To not have to cook, clean or otherwise engage in any household duty for two weeks and sit and enjoy cross stitching was wonderful.  I know you are probably thinking what on earth am I saying as we are retired but a change is as good as a rest. 

I was glad to find a wonderful little x-stitch store Needle Craft World in Kissimmee.  Cathleen is the owner and salesperson in the store and it was a wonderful time just sitting and talking about hobbies.  Like me she is a multitasker so we enjoyed comparing notes.   She is a wealth of knowledge and I had a most enjoyable time.  She has a table in her store and I am guessing that she has various nights with planned activities if anyone is interested.

D and I had talked about hobbies all through our vacation and we both felt that we have more than enough projects that neither of us needs anything but there is just something about going to a new store or seeing some different items to stitch that peaks your interest and just begs for you to try something new.   So once again I purchased a few projects to add to my already over stacked pile.

Coming home was a different story the rain continued all the way up to NC and then it started to freeze rain.  Definitely not the best trip home and after a second 12 hr day of driving it was nice to get home relax and have some dinner. 

Now back to reality all the usual housework is of course waiting for me.  February is my time to organize and decide what to stitch.  I have three or four on the go my cherry blossoms and my winter heron but why not add to the list or maybe finish an old project in any case this girl has to move her butt and get some work done.   So I need to take some pictures of the projects on the go and post them and see what else I can start.

I know from past travels I have found some really great x-stitch shops but it is always neat to find a new one so if you know of any send me a comment and tell me what you thought of it.

Keep on Stitching, one thread a day.