Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is on the Rise

Today we put the cover on the pool.  It is a balmy 70 degrees  but the pool is a very chilly 62 and so we must close the pool before it gets any colder so it is secure for the winter months ahead.  That's a very chilly thought indeed.  Standing here looking at the pool and it feels like fall is here.  We have one of those new covers that looks very much like grass but it is not the beautiful blue that we look out and see every summer morning.   We have started to put the umbrellas and cushions away and generally tidy up the yard.  It will still be nice to sit out and read or stitch while we can. 

D and |I have just booked our fall vacation.  Great deals when it is last minute like this and so at the end of the week we will head south to Virginia for some R&R.  How does that work when you don't work for a living anymore.  Every day is like a holiday, sorry for those of you out there still gainfully employed. I know it's tough but someone has to do it. 

It's funny the first thing that D and I thought of when we booked our trip was what are we taking with us to work on.  We vacation a little different than most as we are hobbyists to the end.  When we are driving there is no space issues so it can be large or small, it doesn't really matter.  Also on our holidays the first thing we do is find out if there are any, train, stitching, quilting, or beading stores in the area as the U.S. does have more variety and a larger selection so we always find something interesting.  Last year we came home with a glass etching 18x36 of The General (locomotive) seat belted in the back seat so it would arrive in one piece.   We thank the glass artist in Massanutten the piece is quite beautiful and D shows it off to all his train buddies.   It did arrive home in perfect condition.

Last year I didn't find very many stitching places so maybe this year I will have to go a little further afield.  If anyone wishes to comment on any shops please feel free to do so.    Mind you like most I don't need any more stitching right now if I stitched full time I would probably have to live till I'm a 150 to finish all the pieces.  I'm not like the younger ones in the Stitching Sisters they seem to stitch one a month.  Don't get me wrong they stitch beautifully but they also have the eyes for it and no arthritis in the hands.  Oh to be young again.  No strike that.  I don't need to go through that again.

With age comes some benefits like retirement.  Well I guess while the afternoon is young and the sun is shining I will take my stitching and go outside.

Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lazy Day in the Sun

For the last few months I have been trying to decide what kind of notebook computer to get and when I have such questions I usually go to my two sons and start to ask questions.  My first and foremost issue was that it had to be light weight and compact and be able to do what my regular laptop could do.   My husband and I travel a lot and  our present laptop was like taking another piece of luggage.  Since my regular laptop is 5 years old a lot has happened in the technology world and so this wasn`t going to be a problem.  Famous last words. 

First of all both my sons have  a huge knowledge of computers as most young people do.  They differ a great deal in their uses of the computer.  I had this ongoing pros and cons arguement with the two of them for the summer, one thinking a notebook would be wonderful the other thinking it would be great  to just get a smaller regular laptop.  So I would talk to one and would decide yes this is what I want and then I would talk to the other and find out that the notebook wasn`t going to provide the options that I wanted.  This has been going on all summer and I have also asked friends who have a bigger knowledge than I do of computers, that doesn`t take much, I`m grateful to those who gave me their opinions. 

This is definitely the time to buy a small laptop-notebook as school has started once again and the deals are out there.  I  got an e-mail from my son letting me know that there was a particular notemook on sale, great price in my budget, good opportunity, sale ends in 3 days.  The other son basically said no get a smaller regular laptop it would be better and he could probably find one on the net for a similar price.  Decisions, decisions well I just picked up my new notebook and personally I think it is great.  I can fit it in my purse if I want and it is an aqua colour.  I remember the days when asked about what I wanted on a computer I would say a nice shade of grey would be good.  All kidding aside this is a gem.  Big enough for an old dog like me who still doesn`t know much more about computers and it has everything I need or want and if I wish to download a program all I need to do is use an external DVD  player and of course the expertise of one or both of my sons. 

Isn`t technology great.  Good Grief.  Now I will relax and stitch for the rest of the day.  Tonight I`m going to meet with some new knitting friends so it should be a wonderful evening.

Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie