Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Greetings from the Travellers

Hi Everyone:

What a whirlwind for the last few days.  Yes, we are travelling again, but it didn't start as it usually does.  On Friday, Sept 21, we thought it was time to pack as we were leaving the next day.  This is the norm for us, why pack too soon. You might forget what you put in there and have to unpack it again.  As we packed my husband said, "don't forget the passports".  Thinking I should get them while I was thinking of it I reached to our cubby and to my surprise they weren't there. 

You know when you put something away in the same place for say 30-35 years always the same place and then you reach in and it isn't there, well you could have picked our jaws off the floor.  What to do we are leaving the next day.  We called the passport office and they said if we could get new pictures and get to the office before 4:30 they would do the rest.  Just to let you know it was 2:45.  We grabbed our coats and hit the floor running. 

We made it to the passport office with 13 minutes to spare only to find out that we had to reapply for passports, not just renew, so that meant a guarantor and there were none within a 13 minute drive.  We were advised that we could call a 1800 number and there were offices on call for the weekend.  The long and short of it is that we filled out the full form got all the appropriate signatures, tore the house apart just in case they turned up and then called the 1800 number. 

Just to let anyone out there know, yes there is someone on call on the weekends and if you wish to pay an extra $350 they will come in and open an office just to do your passport and I have to admit that if we were flying out or something else that we had to have them I guess we would have to.   The alternative is that if we could wait until Mon during normal hours they would process them in hopefully the same day.  There was still a charge of $150 for the quick processing, but that is less than $350.

Sat and Sun came and went and we continued to look for our passports in the hope that we would find them, we didn't.  So we were in the passport office at 8:30 doors open and at 10:30 we walked out with our new passports in hand and a very grateful feeling.  We got home, packed the car, had lunch and were on the road to Massachusetts and arrived at 6:30.  We both took a deep breath and said "holy cow".

Now we start the vacation.  Yesterday was settling in the usual stuff that we do once we get to our destination.  Today we went to ABC Stitch Therapy.  To all my stitching sisters WOW if you girls can come down here it is a worth the trip.  They have moved and the new location is wonderful.  The girls are wonderful and help in any way that they can.  The threads are almost overwhelming there are so many types and colours, but it is just wonderful.  It was long drive from where we were but I will say it was worth it and my husband isn't complaining too much. 

I have picked up a few threads for projects that are in the works and my husband actually picked a pattern he wants me to do so of course I had to get that.  As he put it "Happy Anniversary".  We both laughed but I would go back again if it just wasn't so far.

 Happy stitching everyone I know that tonight is stitching night for my girlfriends so enjoy and I'll see you all in a couple of weeks.
Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Beginning of Fall

Helloooooo is anybody out there? Last night was the first meeting at the community center for the new season and we were a little light on attendance.  We 4 that were there were  wondering what happened to everyone.  Aside from the noise across the hall from the inventors group it was so quiet.  We talked and enjoyed telling stories of what was going on in our lives.  Little stitching was done.  Hope we see more of you at the next meeting.

 It was a sad day for me today as we closed the pool.  This for me is the marking of fall and colder weather.  We all know that it is inevitable for the weather to change, but once the cover is on the pool the whole feeling of the yard changes and seems cold and unfriendly.   The days stitching on the deck are numbered.  Now its time to change the thinking and bring it inside. 

On the plus I finished the seond panel of the cherry blossoms now onto the third and largest panel.  I am trying for the end of 2012 to have this up and framed.  We'll see how it goes.

Maybe by then I'll figure out how to take a better picture.  Happpy stitching everyone, one thread at a time.

Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie