Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hi Everyone:

Well today is the first day since we hit the mainland that we have shorts and tshirts on up to now we have been in jeans and jackets.  I think mother nature is having a nervous breakdown.  The last week has been in the 50-60 and the other night they actually warned people about frost.  I laugh because the Floridians are freezing and although this is not what we expected here it is more like an early spring.

It's hopefully going to get some warm weather as that is why we come down here in the first place.  I know that all of you back home are wishing the weather was better back home but from what we have heard it has been just as strange there.  Snow, thaw, cold warm it is strange.

I'm missing my stitching sister sooo much, I haven't stitched nearly as much as I had planned but maybe now that I can sit out on the balcony in the sun maybe that will change.  The resort is having an everything crafts morning Wed so I though I might go and see what that is all about.  I will take my cross stitch and maybe meet someone there with an interest.  Otherwise nothing ventured nothing gained.

I  hope to get out and look for my stitching shop this week sometime but I don't really need anything do I?  Oh a girl can never have too much anyway love to you all.  

Keep on Stitching, one thread a day. Pennie